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When a hungry fella has a heartfelt hankering for a quality waffle at a fair price, he has more than 2,100 restaurants in the United States from which to choose – all of them a Waffle House.

Yes, everyone loves a tasty waffle at Waffle House. The coffee is delightful as well! Their napkins must be pretty special too if a guy is willing to risk a lengthy prison term for a stack of them.

Monday night, a man in Florida walked into his preferred Waffle House location and robbed them of some napkins. His weapon of choice? Finger Guns.

To be fair, if you can’t afford napkins, then a firearm is definitely not in the monthly budget.

When police arrived and interviewed witnesses, they learned that the man walked into the restaurant with a small dog and began shouting, “get on the ground, y’all are getting robbed.” Then, feeling extra talkative and in the mood to share, the man informed the Waffle House patrons that he was “high and drunk.” He then proceeded to grab some napkins and walked out.

No one was harmed by the suspect’s finger guns during the acquisition of his highly-coveted napkins.

Great. Now I’m hungry for waffles.