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EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Two people are dead in Evansville, one shot by police, after a drawn-out incident that started in the early afternoon on Tuesday.

Police say Heidi Carter had met a woman on a dating app and invited her and her boyfriend over to her home where they engaged in drug use and sexual activity. But, as that was going on, Carter’s boyfriend, Carey Hammond, showed up and became angry. With Carter’s help, police say he tied up the man and then strangled and beat him.

“He had been restrained, duct-taped, beaten, and strangled,” said Sgt. Anna Gray with Evansville Police. “They also tied and shackled the female victim while the male suspect raped her multiple times throughout the day.”

Gray said that Carter had a gun and held the two victims at gunpoint as a way to “appease” Hammond.

Later on in the day, another woman came over to help Carter clean her home. When the woman heard something in one of the back rooms of the house, she looked around to see what was up. That’s when she discovered a dead body in the house.

She was able to get free of Hammond’s efforts to restrain her and flag down an Indiana State Police trooper nearby. Not long after, police officers from several agencies swarmed on the house. Everyone but Hammond complied with the officers.

They say Hammond came out of the home in an aggressive manner and pointed an object at the officers. Fearing it as a gun, officers shot Hammond and he died at the scene.

“Officers located an adult female victim who had been tied up, shackled, and had visible injuries. She was taken to the hospital for treatment,” Sgt. Gray said. “Another individual was located inside the residence, but was unfortunately deceased and beyond help.”

Heidi Carter was arrested after things settled down. Sgt. Gray says she is charged with several counts including murder, rape, and assisting a criminal.