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A quick brain teaser for your agricultural enthusiasts: Have you ever heard of a ‘broadband seed?’

You see, we at the Mock n’ Rob Show are tremendous supporters of the agricultural community. We greatly enjoy the pleasure of consuming food, which in turn evokes feelings of love and affection for the persons who grow said food.

The question at present, however, is what qualifies as “food?”

Potatoes are food. Wheat is food. Corn is food too, although it doesn’t always fully digest.

One thing that is not food, however, is broadband. There are no “Fields of Broadband.” One does not plant, water, and ultimately harvest broadband in the heavenly season of autumn in Indiana. The native Americans did not teach the pilgrims how to grow and prepare broadband. You cannot purchase a loaf of broadband at Kroger – and that’s not just because there is a supply shortage as a result of the ineptitude of the Biden administration.

Do you see the problem here? Not only are there no “fields of broadband,” but there is also an absence of money trees in the Hoosier state. Money comes from “job creators,” not government “job eliminators” like “Executive Order Eric.”

“State Grant Funding,” as referenced in Governor Holcomb’s #NextLevelConnections tweet is defined as follows: Taxpayers’ Money.

Now then, when a person in a position of government authority steals money from your pocket and utilizes it to pay for so-called “infrastructure” expansion, what is praiseworthy and noble about that?

Answer: NOTHING!

He who is Eric continued:

“Investment” as defined by the Book of Holcomb: The reckless spending of taxpayer funds for a project of questionable benefit to those who are footing the bill.

“Service providers can apply for up to $5 million per project…”

Golly, that would seem to indicate that the expansion of broadband to “unserved and underserved” communities is not an economically viable project f0r broadband providers. No worries, however. Taking projects that are economically unviable, flooding them with taxpayer cash, and calling it an “investment” is what government does best!

Yes, there is clearly a lack of sensible thought taking place at the government level in our beloved Indiana.

Fortunately, the Mock n’ Rob show is all about the joy and pleasure of educating the intellectually underserved. That’s why American treasure, Rob Kendall, has specifically tailored today’s lesson in economics and agriculture for the beloved and esteemed czar of the state, Eric Holcomb.