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MARION, Ind. — A Marion woman died Monday after being attacked by a pet pit bull, said the Grant County Coroner’s Office.

According to a report from the coroner’s office, a man living in a home on High Street said he was in a bedroom when he heard loud screams coming from the living room. He went to the living room and discovered that the family dog, a pit bull, had attacked his mother, 69-year-old Kathleen Bertram.

The coroner’s office said Bertram was sitting in a chair with her three-year-old granddaughter when she fell from the chair and the granddaughter screamed. At that point, the pit bull bit down on Bertram’s neck.

911 was called and medics tried to help Bertram, but she died. An autopsy is planned.

Marion Animal Control was called and they had to use a tranquilizer on the dog, who was still being aggressive, before removing it from the home, according to the coroner’s office.