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INDIANAPOLIS — Actor William Shatner has now been to space on screen and off.

He’s now on his way to the Indiana Comic Convention.

“It’s like having the real-life Captain Kirk come to your convention,” said PR Coordinator for Indiana Comic Convention Jaimie Kautzmann. “So, it’s really an awesome person to have at our con.”

Kautzmann said she’s sure he’ll be getting a lot of questions about his time in space, and if he felt like a real-life captain. Wednesday, Shatner went into space aboard a ship built by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin company, making him the oldest person in space at 90-years-old.

At the con, Shatner will have both a booth and a panel where he’ll be taking pictures and answering questions.

Kautzmann said they’re welcoming several other celebrities as well like Billy Boyd from “Lord of the Rings,” and Lana Parrilla from “Once Upon A Time.”

“We have over 500 vendors that are going to be selling tons of merchandise,” she said. “We also have a lot of programming this year. We have the LARPing area where you can fight with a padded sword and shield, we have an escape room going on.”

She said that they are going to be requiring masks at the event, and they’ll have hand sanitizer stations throughout the convention center.

“We just want to make that you all are still having fun, and having a good time being the best geeks you can be.”