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The Hammer and Nigel Show was honored to welcome “Mock” of the “Mock n’ Rob” show to the studios Wednesday.

Mock blessed us with a full four hours of her time. In turn, we blessed her with the opportunity to speak with the many listeners of our program in a game of “Ask Mock Anything.”

The rules of “Ask Mock Anything” are relatively simple:

  1. Call WIBC request line.
  2. Get past producer and call screener TKW.
  3. Wait for your name to be called.
  4. Ask Mock your question.

These opportunities to speak with the hottest member of the WIBC air staff (sorry, Tony) are rare indeed, and Mock is a highly intelligent woman of great accomplishments:

  • Entrepreneur: She’s built a thriving business and a global brand.
  • Loving Mother: Parent to two children, one with special needs.
  • Traveler: She takes vacations about every three weeks to exotic locales like Beaufort, South Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Survivor: She’s managed to work more than 30 days with Rob Kendall without having him killed.
  • Stalker: Robbie Williams and Ron DeSantis can’t get her to leave them alone.

Yes, young Mock has accomplished many great things in her storied life. And what did our listeners want to know?

“Hey, Mock! How big is your turds?”

Click below to hear what happens when listeners get the opportunity to “Ask Mock Anything.”