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FT. WAYNE, Ind.–A woman has identified herself as “victim one” in the sexual battery complaint against Father David Huneck, a Ft. Wayne priest accused of sexually abusing two women, one 17 years old, and ne 19. Huneck was removed from the ministry last month and has been charged with child seduction, sexual battery and furnishing alcohol to a minor in Whitley County.

“I want everyone to know that I am okay, although emotionally devastated, and that I no longer want to remain in the shadows of being anonymous,” said Mariella Warney, who said she was 17 when Huneck assaulted her.

Police believe Huneck, who was a chaplain at Ft. Wayne’s Bishop Dwenger High School and pastor at Saint Paul of the Cross Catholic Church, groped the woman after offering them alcohol.

“For my sake and the sake of the criminal case, I will not discuss details of the case. I will say that I feel that everything being done is fair and justified in both the legal and diocesan cases. These actions could not stay in the dark any longer and proper consequences had to be met,” said Warney, in a statement released to media this week.

Warney said she feels supported by the Diocese of Ft. Wayne and South Bend, and by the legal system.

“Healing from this is going to take time, as my healing process has just begun. I am asking that we come together for one another as a community to help us all heal from these shocking events. I know this news is not easy to hear or to process, but with time, we can get through this if we support each other,” she said.

“My heart and prayers go out to all survivors of abuse of any kind. You are so strong. I want you to know that you are loved and supported even through the darkest of times. I know that coming forward is not comfortable or easy, but when you are ready, know that it is safe. I encourage you to come forward, speak your truth, seek justice, and begin your healing process, as I have begun mine.”

Bishop Kevin Rhoades, who was Huneck’s boss, said in a news conference in late September that there were no “red flags” to alert them that Huneck was a predator.

“I can’t really think of anything we could have done differently,” he said. “It really is extremely troubling.”

Rhooades acknowledged the pain, anger and confusion that people who are victims, and their families, have to deal with. He said people who are studying to be priests go through rigorous screening and that the accusations against Huneck were a shock to him.