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CAMP ATTERBURY, Ind. — Around 7,000 Afghan refugees are now temporarily living at Camp Atterbury in southern Johnson County.

In order to help make their stay easier at the military base, the Department of Homeland Security has been collaborating with Islamic organizations in Indiana to make sure refugees have everything they need.

“As you know, this is going to be something that will take time. It’s not a one-week or one-month operation,” said Basharat Saleem, executive director of the Islamic Society of North American, which is based in Plainfield.

“We as a faith organization … understand that when they are based at a camp, the officials may or may not know all the details of their needs,” Saleem said. “So we were helping in that direction.”

Nearly half of the population at Camp Atterbury is under 14 years old, with families averaging seven to eight people, so housing is a great concern.

Initial meetings held over the weekend brought up other ways to collaborate to move things along.