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WASHINGTON — Sen. Todd Young of Indiana was one of the handful of Republicans who voted for a stop-gap spending bill last week to keep the government running from the beginning of December.

The bill did not include a provision to raise the country’s borrowing limit. That’s the reason he said he voted in favor of the stop-gap bill, saying the Democrats have it within their power to raise the debt ceiling by themselves.

“It’s essential that whatever party is in power goes ahead and does the right thing and raises the debt limit,” Young told All Indiana Politics. “Which is something that whenever I have been in the majority, I have done.”

Young said he will continue to vote against raising the debt ceiling if the provision is brought back up in future spending bills while Democrats have the majority in the Senate. In order to sway him, Young said Democrats would have to make some concessions.

“I want a budget plan,” he said. “Bringing revenues in line with expenditures. I want some say, a significant say, about the spending that we are engaged in.”

Young said for decades both parties have known that the largest programs of government are “unsustainable” and that money has continued to be thrown at them.