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Carmel Clay School board has announced that future public meetings will be virtual until further notice.

CCS says the decision to go virtual was based on parents continuing “rude and inappropriate behavior.”  The school board has claimed they’ve received threats from parents, heckling from the public, and constant interruptions.

Tony Katz says school board members need to remember they aren’t in charge.

“The school board should go. You don’t get to be opposed to parents speaking out. You have to accept the fact that they will. That’s part of the job. If you can’t do that you need to leave…if they feel their lives are in danger they can resign.”

Katz doesn’t condone any outrageous behavior from parents, but wants to remind the school board they have a job to do.

“Stop thinking you’re special, school board. No, you shouldn’t be threatened I agree with this. You do have to listen. Parents aren’t happy- they should continue to say so with forcefulness.”   

The first virtual meeting is scheduled for Monday. The live stream will be available on the Carmel Clay Schools Youtube channel.