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INDIANAPOLIS — One of Indy’s most violent and notorious drug dealers will remain in prison.

On Thursday, an appeals court upheld the conviction of Richard Grundy III.

Grundy was convicted in 2019 and sentenced to life in prison for leading the violent “Grundy Gang” that sold nearly 4,000 pounds of marijuana and 280 pounds of meth, making millions of dollars. Grundy was also connected to as many as ten murders at one point.

Back in May, he attempted to overturn his conviction by arguing that the district court violated his right to counsel by not letting him represent himself. The appeals court said Grundy “posed obvious and legitimate security concerns, even with counsel.”

“If he were to represent himself, the district court had to consider further potential problems,” the ruling read in part, concluding that the district court’s decision to appoint counsel was “entirely appropriate under the circumstances” and “did not violate Grundy’s constitutional rights.”