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WASHINGTON–Some school districts in Indiana have banned public comments because emotions have run high over mask mandates, Critical Race Theory and COVID restrictions. Sen. Mike Braun questioned Sec. of Education Miguel Cardona about a statement he made to political reporter Adam Wren that may have generalized angry parents.

“I think it’s a proxy for being mad that their guy didn’t win,” said Cardona, according to the report.

“I know you probably didn’t mean that and I’ll give you a chance to retract it,” said Braun. “Is that something you’d want to take back?”

“I know across the country our school board meetings are a little intense,” responded Cardona, during the questioning. “School boards are unwavering in their support for returning students to school and providing a safe learning environment.”

Braun, himself a school board member said he believes that boards are sincere in their desire to protect students.

“What about the statement? Would you want to take that back and not politicize something where I think it’s an honest, sincere difference of opinion across the country? I don’t know that I’d want to be on record with that.”

Cardona seemed like he didn’t mind being on record with the statement.

“Senator, I’ll tell you the lack of civility in some of our meetings is disappointing an frustrating,” said Cardon.

“And I know it can get rowdy and I’ll take it that you don’t want to retract it at this point.”

“Rowdy?” asked Cardona. “It was very dangerous in some places.”