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One of the guiding principles in American journalism is that reporters should always seek quotes and commentary from sources with expertise relating to the topic at hand. The source should be universally acknowledged by the general public as such and willing to offer his or her opinions on the record.

Comedian Bill Cosby is America’s foremost expert on deviant sexual behavior, harassment, and assault. Unlike most rapists, Bill managed to prey on vulnerable women and ruin their lives for several decades before going to prison for his grotesque crimes.

So when the media needed the insight of a prolific rapist to speak on the developments in singer R. Kelly’s criminal trial for sex trafficking, “Fat Albert” was at the top of their list.

Cosby is adamant that R. Kelly “got railroaded” in his sex-trafficking trial that ended Monday with convictions on all nine counts against him, according to the former Jello-O spokesman’s representative.

“This is a guy who made the song ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ when there were rumors about young girls. The song is played at every wedding and in every church. He was doing music with Lady Gaga!” Cosby said through his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt.

“No one fought hard for him,” and his attorneys didn’t “humanize him,” Wyatt said on Cosby’s behalf.

In conclusion, Bill Cosby feels the American judicial system needs to be more proactive in embracing the human side of serial rapists and abusers of women.

Cosby was convicted of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in April 2018, but the 84-year-old rapist served just 2.5 years behind he was freed from prison on a technicality.