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WASHINGTON–The U.S. House Friday, passed a bill that Democrats believe will protect a woman’s right to an abortion.The Women’s Health Protection Act passed along party lines, 218-211, with one Democrat voting with Republicans.

One Republican who spoke against the passage of the bill was heart surgeon Dr. Larry Bucshon, who represents southwest Indiana.

“I quote, ‘this proposed legislation is nothing but child sacrifice,’ the archbishop of San Francisco,” said Bucshon, speaking on the House floor before the vote. “The inappropriately named Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 would codify the ability to obtain abortions for any reason at any point during pregnancy.”

Bucshon pointed out that many of what Republicans call “guardrails” put in place by states would be voided, such as informed consent, ultrasounds and testing and counseling prior to abortions.

Bucshon spoke about some second trimester heart operations he had performed on children as small as just over one ounce.

“I can assure you that my tiny patients were people,” he said. “I find it troubling that those on the other side, most of whom have never spent a day taking care of patients, continue to mislead the American people about what constitutes health care.”

The bill was writte in response to a new law in Texas, upheld partially by the Supreme Court, that would ban most abortions in that state after six weeks.

The Senate version of the bill will likely have the support of most Democrats, but not all, which may mean its failure.