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The insufferable Dr. Anthony Fauci is officially a big-time movie star, starring in “FAUCI,” a documentary that paints the NIH Director as the ultimate victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Geographic: “Crafted around unprecedented access to Dr. Fauci, National Geographic Documentary Films’ FAUCI is a revealing portrait of the nation’s top infectious disease expert and one of our most dedicated public servants.”

Here’s a preview. It’s a real tear-jerker.

The film debuted in “select” theaters on September 10. It’s no longer in “select” theaters, but it was there long enough to qualify for an Oscar nomination for “Best Documentary.” It will undoubtedly win in 2022, prompting People Magazine to later crown Fauci as the “Sexiest Man Alive.”

We are looking forward to NatGeo’s other forthcoming documentaries:

  • “Joe Biden: Foreign policy expert.”
  • “AOC: Guardian of the environment”
  • “Pelosi: Woman of the people”
  • “Cuomo: Moral beacon and champion of the elderly”
  • “Joy Behar: Rationality at its finest.”

By the way, Dr. Fauci told CNN Tuesday that children ages 5–11 could be eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines in the next several weeks.

“I would imagine we’re talking in a matter of weeks, possibly by the end of the month, beginning of next month because I know the FDA really wants to do it correctly, but they want to do it quickly,” Fauci said on CNN’s “New Day.”

Random Question: Do prisoners on death row get the vaccine? Because it would really be strange to inject them with something to save their life just to inject them later with something to end it.