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INDIANAPOLIS — With the news that Johnson & Johnson’s booster shot to its single-dose COVID vaccine is 94-percent effective in fighting the virus, Dr. Jerome Adams, the nation’s former Surgeon General and Indiana former Health Commissioner is hopeful that it gets swift approval from the FDA.

He said that people who got the J&J shot have been left hanging for a while on whether or not they need to get a booster. There is some clarity now for people who have gotten the Pfizer vaccine.

“We saw last Friday, (the FDA) said that the data supports people 65-and-older and people who are at severe risk of disease should get a booster shot,” Adams told WISH-TV. “Everyone else out there … still has really good protection from hospitalization and death.”

A popular reason some Hoosiers are giving for not getting a vaccine at all is that they have already had COVID and feel they already have immunity to the virus. Adams said that’s not necessarily how it works in this case.

“We simply do not have enough people out there who have natural immunity, even if it is effective, for us to be able to rely on that,” he said. “You should go out and get a vaccine whether you think you’ve been infected or not because we don’t know whether you have natural immunity sufficient enough to protect yourself against the virus.”

As for kids getting a COVID shot — Adams is urging the FDA to get the ball rolling as soon as possible to approve vaccines for kids 5-to-11-years-old. He says it’s unacceptable that it could take a few weeks before that approval comes from the FDA.