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The fine people at Nissan recently hired an “odor evaluation lead engineer” to ensure “the odor of vehicle is suitable for the customer.”

Peter Karl Eastland, Nissan’s Odor Engineer, was hired for the job because he has two things: a particularly acute sense of smell, and a master’s degree in Chemistry with Forensic Science.

Eastland and his team are tasked with selecting the best type of fabric, polymers, and adhesives to get the ‘new car smell’ just right.

”We aim to provide the best sensory experience for the customer. While tastes and preferences evolve over time, the odor of the vehicle will also change with the addition of new materials,” said Eastland.

Nissan’s chief ‘smeller’ also added that cars are getting quieter, which means that smell is more important than ever in the overall evaluation of a new car.

How paranoid would you be if you were this guy’s spouse or girlfriend? First of all, you’re never going to get away with a fart – NEVER. You could be in another room and he’s going to smell it. He’d have to leave the house for an hour whenever you have a bowel movement. Otherwise, the romance will be dead in week one.

And how miserable would it be to have the nose capabilities of a canine? There’s not a person on this planet that doesn’t sport their own unique scent by the end of the day, and we’ve all dated ladies who have that very distinct NOT ‘new car scent’ about them.

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