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Nothing spoils the festive fun of a good funeral like an unwelcome “b****” showing up without a proper invitation.

The Facts:

  • Jasmine is the sister of 18-year-old Ariyanna who was killed in a traffic accident.
  • Ariyanna loved the show “Pretty Little Liars,” which has several dramatic funeral moments — so Jasmine wanted to ‘give her funeral that touch.’
  • As luck would have it, a “fake b****” showed up at Ariyanna’s funeral, creating an opportunity for Jasmine to do just that.

Jasmine (@jazzklassykushco) shared a clip on TikTok two days ago, featuring her standing at the podium in a slimming black dress next to her late sister Ariyanna’s photo.

As the video begins, Jasmine can be seen seemingly addressing another woman off-camera.

“You’re a fake b****,” Jasmine helpfully informs the unwelcome guest. “She didn’t even like you. You owe her money. And I didn’t even see you donate to my sister’s funeral, so you’re automatically disqualified.”

“You can leave the room,” Jasmine instructs. “Yeah. Bye. Bye. Don’t be all surprised now,” she says.

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