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DEL RIO, Texas–You may have seen the pictures. Thousands of people from Haiti have stationed themselves at the U.S.-Mexico border at Del Rio, Texas, hoping to get into the United States. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), says you will ultimately foot the bill for their care, and believes the situation will get worse.

“These images are unbelievable to see, but what’s happening is completely predictable when you stop enforcing border laws,” said Banks.

LISTEN: Jim Banks talks about the Haitian immigration

Banks said he believes the situation will worsen because the Biden administration is refusing to enforce immigration laws.

“They want this to happen. They want to flood the United States with millions of illegals and then promise them citizenship, which is what they tried to do. Ultimately it appears they failed to grant amnesty as part of the reconciliation package.”

Banks said flooding the country, or allowing it to be flooded with millions of people from other countries would create millions of new Democratic voters and drive down wages. He said that’s why he believes the administration is not enforcing border laws and Trump-era policies, which Banks said were working.

“When we get the majority back next year we need to hold Secretary Myorkas and the Democrats who are allowing this to happen accountable for turning a blind eye to the rule of law,” said Banks.

Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Myorkas said in an interview on CNN that Haitian immigrants are being warned not to try and come into the country illegally, and are being airlifted back to their home.

LINK: CNN interview with Myorkas

“We have been quite clear for months now that this is not the way to reach the United States,” said Myorkas.

He said there is a distinction between the Haitians at the border and the Afghan refugees being brought into the country to eventually settle.

“We stand up for the people who stood up for us,” said Myorkas. “We are providing refuge to individuals who assisted us in combat in Afghanistan. We are providing refuge to vulnerable women, journalists, young kids. This is one of our greatest traditions as a country.”

Banks said to him it is not that cut and dry.

“Those refugees who have special immigrant visas who are qualified for them, we should welcome them. But, there are still tens of thousands of Afghans who are being airlifted out of Afghanistan who have never been vetted,” he said. “That process is troublesome to me, as well.”

Other Republicans like Gov. Eric Holcomb and Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.), have seemed more sanguine about Indiana hosting the 7,000 refugees at Camp Atterbury.

Banks said the number of refugees also troubles him.

“We have laws that Congress passes every year to cap the number of refugees who can come to the United States of America and this administration is just completely turning a blind eye to those caps.”

Banks said he believes you may see more caravans of Haitians, of even larger size than the ones parked at Del Rio, and said he believes the American people will hold the Biden administration accountable by voting Republicans back into the majority in the House next year.