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INDIANAPOLIS — A fingerprint discovered at a crime scene helped police arrest a serial rapist, who attacked eight victims in Indianapolis and Lawrence.

Court documents say IMPD was able to connect 37-year-old Darrell Goodlow to the crimes. IMPD announced his arrest on Friday.

The first case connected to Goodlow happened on Aug. 1, 2020. A woman told police she was raped inside her home that morning. After this case, IMPD developed a DNA profile.

The second case happened two months later, on Oct. 1, 2020. Three victims told police they were raped inside their home. The victims also said the suspect killed their dog.

Later, in early 2021, police in Lawrence began investigating after a Lawrence woman was raped inside her home on Feb. 13. According to Lawrence police, the suspect passed himself off as a utility worker to gain entry into the house.

Another woman was raped on June 6. She told IMPD that her attacker threatened to kill her. Later that same month, on June 28, another victim said her life was threatened.

On Sept. 8, another woman was attacked inside her home. She said her attacker also threatened to kill her. IMPD officers were able to recover a fingerprint from this scene. That fingerprint identification came back to Goodlow.

Goodlow is due in court on Thursday morning. He faces eight counts of rape and one count of killing a domestic animal. His bond is set at $200,000 cash.