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INDIANAPOLIS — The crash at an intersection that killed a young girl and injured two others earlier this week is still under investigation.

Investigators believe the two westbound vehicles that collided at Washington and Ritter Tuesday were involved in what police are calling a “disturbance.”

One of the vehicles hit a southbound vehicle in the intersection. Seven-year-old Hannah Crutchfield was hit and killed. Her mother and a school crossing guard were injured.

The victims were attempting to cross the street.

Hundreds of people gathered at the scene of the accident for a vigil on Wednesday.

“To think about them and honor them, get some consolation and know that we are all together as a community,” Robin Brandenburg, who organized the vigil, said of its purpose.

Community members came together Wednesday night to pray for the family whose lives are forever changed by this tragic event.

“Devastation,” parent Dennis Miles said. “Devastation. I couldn’t imagine as a parent especially doing the responsible thing, escorting your child to and from school and to have something like that happen is devastating.”

The crowd was led in song to close out the night with a tribute to the young life taken much too soon.

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