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CARMEL, Ind.–Carmel Police were investigating a threat against the law office of Guy Relford, known as the “Gun Guy”, Wednesday. Relford said police had an entire block roped off around his office at Range Line Rd., and Main St., while they used a bomb dog to search his office and drones and other equipment to check out the threat.

No one had been injured and no one had actually seen a bomb.

LISTEN: Guy Relford describes the events of the morning and afternoon

“I had officers show up at my office…and say they had gotten a 911 call with a bomb threat,” said Relford, “And the person reported that he was actually in my office at my desk.”

Relford said he was actually in his office, at his desk.

“Some speculation I was being swatted, where someone makes a call hoping the SWAT team shows up and shoots you or hurts you or other bad things happen.”

Relford said he knows the cops in Carmel and that wasn’t going to happen. He said they were professional and had the public safety in mind when they decided to treat the threat as credible and cleared the building.

Guy Relford smokes a cigar during the bomb threat

PHOTO: Guy Relford/Used with Permission

Relford was given a choice as to whether he wanted to stay. While he was talking with police the person who made the threat called his phone. He put him on speaker.

“It was guy who just repeatedly said he was gonna kill me. Anything I said he just told me to shut the F up,” said Relford.

Relford said he chose not to be terrorized and calmly went outside and smoked a cigar.

“I don’t know what the motivation was. I don’t know who this individual is.”

Carmel Police are trying to find that out.