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California is a mess of a state.

Taxes are through the roof. Crime is through the roof. Half of the state’s residents don’t even have a roof.

Businesses are fleeing to Texas. Well, they’re TRYING to flee to Texas. Their moving trucks have been stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway for the last six months. Once they get out of the city, however, it’s pedal to the metal all the way to the Lonestar State.

Yes, but that’s A-okay with the voters of the (formerly) ‘Golden State.’ They love the misery. They crave it. The more the liberal overlords in Sacramento abuse them, the more they adore them.

“Beat me bloody, Gavin Newsom! Hurts so good, baby!”

Yes, California voters sealed their fate and voted to retain the incompetent leadership of Governor Dippity-Do in the state’s recall election Tuesday.

On Wednesday’s show, Mock N’ Rob offered an insightful explanation for why California Democrats continue to embrace failure and their own misery with such unbridled enthusiasm. Click below to listen.