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Across the nation, September 11th was remembered this past weekend. The 20th anniversary of 9/11 brought many together with dedications, moments of silence, and memorials to remember the 2,996 lives lost on that horrific day in American history. Well, it brought most people together…

You would hope during a historical day the national media would put aside its bias and brings words of hope and healing to viewers. Unfortunately, and not shockingly, CNN’s Brian Stelter still made the day about himself.

Stelter shared an Associated Press article on 9/11 about how that day 20 years ago was the “last huge story for ‘big 3’ network anchors.” The reporter added that those news anchors were the unsung heroes during that time.

It takes a lot of narcissism to make 9/11 about how essential your career is to the world. Tony Katz says this is just another example of how important the national media believe themselves to be.

“Do we really want to make the argument that they (national news anchors) are the heroes of September 11th? …and how about the local coverage that took place in New York and New Jersey? What, they don’t count? This is a fetishism of journalists trying to prop up their own industry.”   

We, however, would like to thank and focus on all the beautiful tributes done locally this weekend to Never Forget 9/11.