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Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb called Joe Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandate “a bridge too far” Friday, adding later that the president’s plan was both “bad policy” and “illegal.”

“I believe the vaccine is the no. 1 tool that will protect us & our loved ones against COVID-19. It’s the tool that will end the pandemic,” Holcomb said in a statement posted to his Twitter account. “However, I strongly believe it’s not the state or federal government’s role to issue a vaccine mandate upon citizens & private businesses.”

He continued: “This is the approach our administration has taken all along. The announcement from President Biden is a bridge too far. Private businesses should be able to look at their own mission, their staff & their goals & make the decision best for them that will keep their doors open.

“I believe it is fundamentally a citizen’s right to choose whether or not to get the vaccine. While I wish everyone would get the vaccine, we are a country built on this exact type of freedom.”

As reported by WIBC’s Eric Berman, “Holcomb contends the plan is not only bad policy but illegal. He predicts several states will challenge it in court and says he expects to talk with Attorney General Todd Rokita, who’s also slammed the requirement, about whether Indiana should be one of them.”

WIBC’s Rob Kendall is less confident that the governor will take more assertive actions to fight the Biden order. Click below to listen.