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From day one, the Biden Administration took a disgustingly arrogant and divisive stance against their political opponents, and the president’s menacing rhetoric Thursday night revealed the depth of depravity that’s taken root in the Democrat party.

The President of the United States intentionally demonized nearly 100 million Americans and gave his supporters a green light to bully and shame the unvaccinated into submission.

“To the vaccinated, I understand your anger towards the unvaccinated,” Biden said. “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin.”


But Biden’s contempt for his political opponents runs much deeper than that. He harbors disdain for the very principles and Constitutional Rights that Americans hold dear.

Note the following clip in which Biden nearly vomits with disgust at saying the word “freedom.”

It’s obvious now that Joe Biden has always lacked the competence and leadership qualities needed to bring the country together. He was never going to convince hesitant Americans to get the vaccine, and that clearly wasn’t his goal Thursday night.

From day one, the Administration has shown its willingness to force the policies and ideology of the radical left through by whatever means necessary – Constitutional or not.

There is no way back if Republican leaders allow this unprecedented intrusion on American liberty to stand.