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Back-end blowouts are a delightful and universal part of the human experience. We might harshly differ on religious views, political matters, and sexual orientation, but on this, we all agree: the pleasure enjoyed upon giving a flatus fizzler its freedom is a feeling like no other.

So steam-press those slacks with a savory sphincter stinker!

Play that O-ring oboe!

Get a little insane with the methane!

But you mustn’t fire a fecal fume while lying on your mattress unless you are wearing proper bedtime attire, preferably crafted from a flame retardant material.

A doctor on TikTok has issued an urgent warning against sleeping in the nude.

The reason? A high probability of sharting your sheets.

Scientific studies – probably funded by American taxpayers – show that the average person performs an extraordinary number of tushy ticklers while sleeping. Those studies also conclusively prove that every beloved bottom burp contains a trace amount of fecal matter.

Simply put: When you rip your rump with a mighty rectal roar while nude, you’re literally crapping the bed.

Hammer and Nigel have more details on this important health warning.