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A 49-year-old plumber in England just landed a record contract to release his debut album after a music label owner heard him sing while working on his bathroom.

Ken Crane caught the attention of Paul Conneally, owner of New Reality Records, while spending six weeks in the label boss’s bathroom.

Wait. Six weeks? What the heck did Conneally eat?

Good Lord, the Hammer household has seen its fair share of toilet clogs over the years, but none of them took more than a month to resolve.

But back to Connelly & Crane:

“He sings along to the radio all day while he tiled tiles and plumbers in bathrooms. I told him he had a good voice and he said he was writing and recording songs in his home studio,” Conneally told the BBC in speaking about his discovery of Crane.

Crane revealed that he had previously played music in bands and was working on writing his own album, according to Good News Network. He also said he had developed his own home studio to make music.

“It just feels surreal. I never expected something like this to happen. I love writing music. It’s my hobby,” Crane told the BBC.

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