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CORYDON, Ind. — A missing dog in southern Indiana was found at the bottom of a cave on Saturday.

Cavers were exploring Dewey Hickman Nature Preserve in Harrison County when they came to a 30-foot drop into a cave in the park, but something unusual caught their eye.

Down in a pit, they saw a thin black-and-white dog.

The cavers then repelled down into the cave and lifted the dog back out to the surface, where they immediately called Harrison County Animal Control. The cavers called the dog “Dewey.”

According to animal control, based on the dog’s condition he may have been trapped in the cave for as many as two weeks. His collar was loose, leading experts to believe that he had lost a significant amount of weight while trapped.

Scratch marks halfway down the shaft led the cavers to believe that a branch caught Dewey’s collar as he fell. He was eventually able to wiggle free, the post says, allowing him to drop to the bottom of the cave.

The cavers told animal control that there was an empty turtle shell at the bottom of the pit, which could have collected rainwater to keep Dewey alive.

Animal control says that they may have located the dog’s owner that his name may actually be “Hawkeye.”