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President Biden stated just days ago that the US must learn from its mistakes regarding the 20-year Afghanistan war.

A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki if Biden had any mistakes of his own he’d like to learn from during the evacuation process. Psaki’s answer is no surprise based on the past behavior of the notoriously defensive administration.

 “Well I say, I think the president has been pretty clear. We all had an expectation that the Afghan National Security Forces would fight harder in the end, would fight against the Taliban. We all had an expectation that President Ghani would not flee the country. Those were expectations that weren’t clearly met. So you can spend a lot of time looking in the rearview mirror…”

Not only did the press secretary blame our Afghan allies, she also was completely dismissive of the monstrosity her boss caused.

“‘I can’t look in the rearview mirror? It was four or five days ago! Is that what you’re telling me? Four or five days ago when Afghans were falling from planes…that is some of the despicableness that Joe Biden is saying.”  – Tony Katz