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Have you ever played that drinking game “Never Have I Ever?” Well, “Never Have I Ever” urinated on the counter at a Dairy Queen establishment while ordering a delicious frozen treat.

That’s not to say I haven’t had Just Cause to do so on occasion. I can handle the occasional worker with a bad attitude, but when my M&M Blizzard gets made with Snickers by mistake? That’s when it’s time to unload multiple years of pent-up rage on some Formica countertop.

There are other perfectly acceptable reasons for exposing yourself at Dairy Queen – none more legitimate than your opposition to their mask policy. A man in Canada recently did just that!


Note the skill with which the upstanding citizen casually removes his penis and artfully urinates on the counter with absolute precision. This is no amateur counter tinkler. This is a man who is practiced in his chosen discipline.

Let’s see him try that at a Benihana while the chef’s chopping meat.

Hammer and Nigel have more details on this thrilling incident in the clip below.