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MARION COUNTY, Ind. — It’s another round of polling, and registered voters in Marion County have plenty of opinions on schools.

In the latest batch of polling data from Indy Politics, public schools did not have a good showing with only 27-percent of registered voters across the county believing public schools are on the right track. On the opposite side, 38-percent believe public schools are not doing well at all.

Those numbers take a more drastic turn in the 50-64 voter age group, with just 10-percent who support the direction of public schools. Voters in the 18-34 and 35-49 age area are a little more favorable to public schools, 36-percent and 41-percent respectively are positive on public schools.

Indy Politics data shows Black voters aren’t happy with public schools, with 45-percent saying public schools are not off to a good start. Just 24-percent believe public schools are headed in the right direction.

Charter schools had a better showing in this round of polling. Thirty-four-percent of registered voters in Marion County say charter schools are heading down the right path. But a significant 43-percent say they aren’t sure where charter schools currently stand.

While public and charter schools have their fair share of support and dislike, support for school choice is crystal clear.

Data shows 59-percent of registered voters support school choice, with a distant 28-percent opposing it.

The pandemic is still a big player in parent’s decision making this school year. Indy Politics data shows 81-percent of parents have at least some worry about the return of in-person learning. Fifty-percent of voters are very concerned about pandemic. Just 18-percent say they’re not concerned when it comes to students health and safety.

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