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STATEWIDE — An Indiana woman is suing the CDC and multiple retailers over COVID-19 mask requirements.

Jennifer Reinoehl filed the lawsuit on Aug. 18, stating that the CDC mask requirements violated laws meant to protect people with disabilities. Krispy Kreme, Sephora and AMC Theatres were among the 16 defendants named in the lawsuit.

The 380-page filing included details of Reinoehl’s interactions with each retail outlet. Over the past year, Reinoehl — who has asthma — has been asked to leave an AMC theater for not wearing a mask. She was also stopped at the door to a Krispy Kreme and Sephora. In addition, her local health clinic said she couldn’t keep visiting without a mask, despite her asthma.

Reinoehl, a nondenominational Protestant Christian, said she “felt like God” was directing her to file the lawsuit.

Both the White House and the CDC have repeatedly said that masks are an effective defense against the spread of COVID-19.