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INDIANAPOLIS — A body found near the entrance to a hiking trail in Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis is underscoring the fact that detectives in the capital city are overwhelmed in trying to solve the increasing number of homicides this year.

Investigators with Indianapolis Metro Police were called about a body at the park a little after 3:30 Sunday afternoon. A hiker said they noticed something strange and then discovered the body of a man.

IMPD Ofc. Samone Burris said that it appears that the man did not die of natural causes.

“Investigators are trying to determine why that body was in this area,” Burris said. “Pushing almost 200 homicides in Indianapolis is unacceptable. We’ve all seen the numbers. Continues violence, unnecessary violence within our city.”

The city is once again on a record-setting pace for murders. Prior to this year, an IMPD homicide detective might work 7-12 cases a year; this year, they are working 7-12 cases a month or more.

“It’s heartbreaking, it’s heart-wrenching,” Burris added. “And our homicide investigators, they are feeling the weight of what that feels like. Cases upon cases that have to be investigated and they all have to be investigated with detail and precision, so that becomes overwhelming.”

Burris said anyone with information on the body’s discovery at Eagle Creek should call 317-262-TIPS.