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WIBC’s Jason Hammer enjoys the very best that life has to offer, but he’s unique from others in his profession.  Unlike the majority of portly conservative talk show hosts, Mr. Hammer prefers a refreshing 44 ounce Mountain Dew over a $12 cigar.

Hammer knows that the tastiest Mountain Dew comes from the rarely-sanitized soda fountain at his local Speedway gas station. He goes there daily on his way to work at 40 Monument Circle.

Rarely is there an incident at Hammer’s beloved gas station of choice. Thursday, however, brought adventure!

The lines were long. The persons were plentiful. The impatience was palpable.

Suddenly, a voice emerged from the crowd!

“I am a black man!” the proud voice declared.

What happened next was most comical indeed.

Hammer continues our tale of Thursday’s gas station adventure in the clip below.