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WASHINGTON — As more people are evacuated from Afghanistan and we draw closer to a deadline on American troops being out of the country, Sen. Todd Young says his office is doing all it can to make sure Hoosiers are getting out.

On Tony Katz Today, Young said his office knows of at least 250 Hoosiers that are stuck in Afghanistan.

“We’ve got to get our Hoosiers our, our Americans, out,” Young said. “Our office is trying to help however it can. The execution of this withdrawal has been sloppy and cavalier.”

Young is joining his fellow Republicans from Indiana in criticizing President Biden’s follow through on a plan negotiated by the Trump Administration for American soldiers to pull out of Afghanistan.

“In the here and now, we need to focus on getting every single American out of that country come what may,” Young said. “You (should) focus on getting civilians out first then you pull your troops out. They had it in reverse!”

Young said his office has been successful so far in organizing the safe return of some Hoosiers who were in Afghanistan. He added that he is praying for the success of President Biden in the effort to get Americans out.