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As Americans continue to be left behind in Afghanistan, our ‘leaders’ continue to lie about it. President Biden, for instance, tells us that this evacuation process would have been a mess no matter what.

“Let me be clear, the evacuation of thousands from Kabul is going to be hard and painful. No matter when we start or when it began. This would’ve been true a month ago or a month from now. There’s no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss and the heartbreaking images you see on television. It’s just a fact.”

Tony calls Biden’s delusions out.

“This was going to happen no matter what. Now this is delusion from Joe Biden and his team. You should understand how deep the delusion goes- really let’s not call it delusion– how deep the lie goes. Hate for Americans is embedded in people like Joe Biden, is embedded in people like Kamala Harris, and is embedded in people like Jen Psaki. Do I think they actually hate people? Yes, yes I do. When you’re willing to lie to the American people like this what am I supposed to call it besides hate?

It’s not just the president, but his whole administration continues to lie. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refuses to even admit that Americans are stranded in the country. Psaki shot back this statement during a press conference in which she was asked about the status of those Americans.

“First of all, I think it’s irresponsible to say ‘Americans are stranded.’ They are not,. We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home home . We are in touch with them via phone, via text, via email, via any way that we can possibly reach Americans to get them home if they want to return home.”

The most basic definition of the word ‘stranded’ can prove this wrong. Even CNN disagrees with Psaki’s loaded lie.


The US has evacuated over 37,000 people from Kabul, but the White House will not specify how many of those people were Americans.