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STATE WIDE–The federal government doesn’t mandate vaccinations. But, employers can strongly encourage people to get the shot. The Indiana Chamber is rewarding the employers who succeed with their campaign called “COVID Stops Here”.

“When we think about the issue we’re having with getting the work force and the community at large vaccinated, we really need to stick with the scientific stats around the vaccine,” said Jennifer Pferrer, executive director of the Wellness Council of Indiana.

LISTEN: Jennifer Pferrer talks employer encouragement

She said that while trust in some media and celebrities who might tell you to get the vaccine has dropped off, people still largely trust their employers.

“We need to help employers understand that they should feel comfortable communicating with their work force about the need to be vaccinated,” said Pferrer.

So, employers who reach 70 percent or more within their company get bragging rights. A 100 percent rate is platinum status, while 90 percent is gold, 80 percent is silver and 70 percent is bronze. Pferrer said companies who reach one of those statuses get a media kit to communicate it internally and externally to clients and customers.

She said the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine may help encourage people ti get the shot.

“We need to stick with what we know and what the science is telling us,” she said.

Pferrer said that while Indiana continues to lag in the number of people getting vaccinated, employers can use the data to show that the vaccine plays a key role in helping to prevent the spread and will also help keep businesses going in the direction of normalcy.

“The end game is that we can get more Hoosiers vaccinated, We can get back to business and our lives sooner, rather than later.”