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SOUTH BEND, Ind. — President Biden is standing by his decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan in the manner by which they were ordered to.

So far American military planes have evacuated over 30,000 people from Afghanistan, both Americans and Afghani people looking to escape the rule of the Taliban. In an address on Sunday, he said that the U.S. is keeping a dialogue open with the Taliban in order to keep the International Airport in Kabul open for the evacuation effort.

“You know never in the history, in my history, since I’ve been in Congress, have I seen an American president, a Commander-in-Chief negotiate with terrorists and beg terrorist for mercy,” said Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN-02) on All Indiana Politics.

“The number one goal here from every American should be to hold this president accountable for getting every single American from behind enemy lines and get them out of Afghanistan safely and alive,” she added.

The deadline for the U.S. to cease its presence entirely in Afghanistan is Aug. 31. Walorski feels that deadline needs to be extended in necessary in order to get every American out of the country.

“If we need to delay these votes in Congress of $3.5 trillion to promote a left-wing agenda, I think you need to put that money to solve this problem,” she said. “If he needs to extend that deadline. If he needs to bring more troops in to open up that perimeter so Americans can safely get to the airport and not get shot or killed by the Taliban, he needs to do that.”

Biden said in his address on Sunday that the hope is to not extend the deadline, but that he is having those discussions with the Pentagon and among his staff.

In the meantime, Biden has authorized the U.S. of 18 commercial airline planes to be used to help with the evacuation effort in Kabul. United Airlines is contributing four planes, while American Airlines Delta Airlines, Atlas Air, and Omni Air are contributing three. Hawaiian Airlines will use two jets to help with evacuations.