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When they’re not busy selling your data to advertisers or determining what content is ‘Fauci-approved,’ the fine people of Facebook are hard at work developing new features.

The latest addition to the social media site “prayer request” feature.


Do you know what’s going to happen when this feature debuts? An onslaught of “vague-booking” like you’ve never seen in your life. People are going to ask for prayers, but not tell you why they’re needed.

User: “Prayers requested!”

User’s Friend: “Why?”

User: “Can’t reveal publicly.”

User’s Friends: “Okay. Praying!”

And then the friend scrolls onward without actually bothering to say a prayer. Hey, you told them you were praying for them, and that lets them know you care.

But perhaps you need a fresher course on how to properly vague-book. Hammer and Nigel are here to help with their latest e-book: “Vague-Booking for Dummies.”

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