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AVON, Ind.–Parents who have children that are students in the Avon Community School Corporation discussed COVID-19 restrictions and protocols at a board meeting on Monday night. Some were against a mask mandate while others felt kids would be safer in masks.

In Avon, masks are recommended, but they are not required. Several parents hope it stays that way.

“We’re all responsible adults. We make decisions for our children every single day and I feel like we’re completely capable to continue to make these decisions without government or higher-ups telling us what we need to do for our children,” said one mother.

Another woman who has a son claimed that it’s a sanitary issue.

“When that mask comes home, it’s disgusting. So the fact that he’s breathing that in all day, I can’t handle it. So I’m begging you to please leave that decision up to the parents,” she said.

Mental health was also brought up.

“We had at-home direct mental health issues in relation to all of this, so I can tell you that masking our kids and forcing that upon them has direct consequences,” said another parent.

There was, however, one father, who is concerned by the rising number of coronavirus infections across the state.

“At this point, we have several buildings in school that are 100% populated who are ineligible for a vaccine. So masking is a great way to help keep them safe,” said the father.

The school board heard debate from parents but made no decision on future protocols.

In the last week, Indiana schools reported 350 new student cases of coronavirus, along with 29 teachers and 52 non-teaching staff.