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MSNBC host Joy Reid suffered a full-blown tantrum last week while discussing allegations of sexual misconduct against Democratic New York Gov Andrew Cuomo.

The meltdown began as Reid implied conservatives are hypocrites for calling on Democrats to denounce Cuomo, telling them to “Fart off!”

“Let’s be clear; if Governor Cuomo had a reasonable conscience, he would resign, but if you’re one of those conservatives who’s sticking your chest out and calling for his head, the same way that y’all acted when Al Franken while paying [no] attention to your own backyard, I’m gonna need you to stand down since you never used even an ounce of that energy for any of your folks,” Reid said.

The host then proceeded to list multiple prominent conservative figures who faced sexual misconduct allegations like Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh as well as former President Trump.

“My point is none of these holy, holy MAGA Trumpers ever spoke a word about any of this, so you’re just gonna have to forgive me if my response to their demands that Democrats answer for Andrew Cuomo is to tell them to kindly fart off,” Reid said. “Let the adults in the room deal with Cuomo, meaning the New York attorney general, Letitia James. She’s got this! If Cuomo gets impeached, he gets impeached. I literally don’t care what happens to him. He did a much better job on the pandemic than Trump even with all of the issues. But then again, who didn’t? He was a good crisis manager for what it was worth, although clearly there were many, many issues including nursing homes. But again, you all worship Donald freaking Trump! You don’t get to complain! And if Cuomo doesn’t resign, if he decides to just thug it out, you right-wingers can just blame yourselves because he’ll just be rolling the way your nasty men roll.”