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LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind.— A LaPorte County woman is accused of killing her husband, cutting up parts of his body, and putting his remains in bags with help from her children.

A probable cause affidavit says Thessalonica Allen shot her husband Randy inside an apartment last Tuesday. After that, police say she cut off his legs and stuffed him into a bag with plans to put him in his car and light it on fire.

Police say Thessalonica told them that she shot him because Randy was abusive to her.

The two children were home at the time of the shooting. Police say the children told them that they wanted to call the police, but Thessalonica told them not to call. In the middle of the night, she woke the kids up and asked them to help her carry the body out to the car. On the next day, they tried to put Randy’s body in the car, but he was too heavy. That’s when investigators say Thessalonica used an ax to cut off Randy’s legs and make the children put his body parts in a bag.

Thessalonica was arrested Monday. She is facing more than a half-dozen charges which murder, abuse of a corpse, and child neglect.

When they searched the apartment, police say they found some handwritten notes

One note said:

1.) Get drugs from friend

2.) Get ziplock bags

3.) When Randy is in shower, get pawn tickets out of wallet

4.) Put gun/drugs in car under seat while in car

5.) Call Hearthside and tell them Rand had drugs and gun in car

A second note said:

1.) Spray [expletive deleted] in face, hit him in right knee w/hammer

2.) Hit w/hammer/stab him

3.) Roll body up in sheets & plastic bags

Randy’s family can’t believe what happened.

“This is killing me, it’s killing me. We don’t have that kind of stuff in our family– we love each other, we’re close, this girl was….*sigh*” said Randy’s mother Theresa Tyler to WSBT-TV.

Patricia Blanton is Randy’s aunt.

“When I was told I just started screaming,” said Blanton to WSBT. “I lost it. Can you imagine what those kids are going through?”

Sharon Colmen, Randy’s older sister, told WSBT this was a senseless murder.

Thessalonica’s first court hearing is Friday morning.

A probable cause affidavit in the case can be read here.