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INDIANAPOLIS–It’s not too late to drive out the hate. That was the message at a peace march in Indianapolis on the northwest side Monday night.

The march was organized by Reverend Charles Harrison, the senior pastor at Barnes United Methodist Church. Community members met at the church and marched to a funeral home where a shooting happened Saturday night. Then they returned to the church to pray.

“Spread love. That’s all the matters. It starts with us. Nothing is going to change unless we change it,” said one woman who marched.

Another pastor led the group in prayer.

“We pray God that you’ll be an influence in this city. Move God on the west side. Move God on the north side. Move God on the east and south side. Let your spirit cover this city,” the pastor said.

Harrison is also the President of the Indy TenPoint Coalition, an organization committed to stopping gun violence, especially gun violence among young people. On Twitter Tuesday morning, Harrison said the peace march was a success.

“Thank you to all the pastors for your powerful prayers yesterday. We didn’t have anyone shot, stabbed, or killed overnight and so far this morning. So thank you all so much,” said Harrison.

Harrison said he also found out that the 16-year-old and 4-year-old who were shot outside a funeral home will recover from their injuries.