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Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) is allegedly considering a run for governor of Indiana in 2024 rather than seeking re-election to the U.S. Senate. If true, the move could pave the way for current Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb, who will be ‘termed out’ when he leaves office in 2025, to make a bid for Braun’s seat in Washington.

“The word is that Senator Mike Braun is very happy with the job because it’s not what he thought it would be,”’s Abdul-Hakim Shabazz told the Hammer and Nigel Show Friday. “Now, Braun and Holcomb would have to get through their primaries for this whole scenario to play out, but if they do, then the two would essentially switch jobs.”

Shabazz speculated that Braun became disillusioned with the job of U.S. Senator despite his heartfelt desire to make a difference in Washington.

“The problem is that [Braun] is one of 100 people, and the Senate has a big seniority structure,” said Shabazz. “So that issue in conjunction with the fact that you’re in the minority party really limits your opportunity to get things done.”

He continued: “Plus, Mike Braun has always been more of a member of the executive branch of government because he’s a businessman from down here in Jasper, IN. So I think he’s probably better suited for governor than serving in the legislative branch of government.”

Shabazz theorized that Braun would be a decisive and conservative governor.

“But we just really have to see because we can only make conjecture based upon the fact that he ran a business prior to serving in the legislature,” said Shabazz. “I think we’ll probably have a better idea of where this all goes after the 2022 mid-terms, which will obviously determine a lot.”

Shabazz also weighed in on how Indiana officials are responding to the CDC’s recently updated guidelines in the battle against COVID-19. Click the link below to listen.