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Great news! We’ve identified the root cause of the crisis at the southern border!

U.S. President Joe Biden talks to reporters during the first news conference of his presidency in the East Room of the White House on March 25, 2021 in Washington, DC. On the 64th day of his administration, Biden, 78, faced questions about the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, gun control and other subjects. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Sadly, Vice President Kamala Harris has failed to reach the same conclusion.

Nevertheless, the VP has been hard at work in her investigation and is finally ready to unveil her “Five-Point Plan to Tackle the Root Causes of The Border Crisis.”

‘Five-point’ plans are very popular these days:

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UFT proposes a five-point plan to help students recover from the pandemic

Reversing the War on Drugs: A five-point plan

So here’s Kamala Harris finely-crafted five-point plan to fix the border:

  1.  Addressing economic insecurity and inequality.
  2. Combating corruption, strengthening democratic governance, and advancing the rule of law.
  3. Promoting respect for human rights, labor rights, and free press.
  4. Countering and preventing violence, extortion, and other crimes perpetrated by criminal gangs, trafficking networks, and other organized criminal organizations.
  5. Combating sexual, gender-based, and domestic violence.

The White House has yet to reveal how they will implement this highly ineffective plan, but we look forward to Democrats blaming Republicans for its failure in the very near future.

End of Message.