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INDIANAPOLIS — On Thursday, President Joe Biden called on states and local governments to offer cash incentives for vaccinations — to the tune of $100, for people who haven’t gotten the shot.

Biden hopes the money will encourage more people to get the vaccine.

Some people in Indiana are all for it. “If I was offered 100 bucks … I’d get it,” Usiel Contreras told WISH-TV. “If they say, ‘Here’s 100 bucks, go get it’ — I’m just like, yeah, sure.”

Others, however, aren’t too thrilled about it. Ivy Harkenrider told WISH-TV, “It would have to be $1,000 for me to really, like, step foot forward … ‘Okay, I’ll put this mystery medicine in me.'”

164 million Americans are already fully vaccinated. While the incentives may be unfair to them, Biden said, “If incentives help us beat this virus, I believe we should use them.”

Other fully vaccinated Hoosiers agree with him. Savannah Dean told WISH-TV, “If that’s what it’s going to take for some people to get it, then I think they should.”

Tom Ozuk, who has been fully vaccinated for months, added, “The country needs it.”

The idea has already seen success in other states like Colorado, New Mexico and Ohio.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett’s office said it is reviewing the new guidance from the White House, and will present its plans for the city’s allocation of federal dollars at a City-County Council meeting on Aug. 9.