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There’s a price to be paid when you decide to think and behave like an idiot.

Case in Point: “Lilia,” a Cuban-American who voted for President Joe Biden instead of President Donald Trump.

Lilia’s Story: Prior to the election, then-candidate Joe Biden and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown’s one-time @#$% buddy came to Florida to pander for votes.

Lilia thought to herself: “Okay, I’ll vote for you. Your policies will destroy the country, obliterate the economy, and result in the American people suffering the exact oppression ‘my people’ are experiencing in Cuba, but at least we won’t have any more mean tweets.”

Flash Forward to 2021 and REALITY: Cuban’s are holding massive protests against their government and begging the U.S. for help.

Breitbart News posted a video of Lilia’s current list of complaints against the man she voted for a few months ago:

Lilia: “[President Joe Biden] has helped a lot of other countries, okay? Why not Cuba? Is he a communist too? That is my question to you, Biden,”

Lilia’s comments were made Sunday during a Cuban-American protest against the Cuban communist regime.

Mock n’ Rob have a deeply thoughtful response to Cuban-American Lilia, the former Biden supporter. Click below to listen and savor.