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After another violent weekend in Indianapolis, Mayor Joe Hogsett talked with the media about the hope he has for the future.

The city has put forth $3.3 million for community-based programs focused on domestic violence, juvenile justice reform, conflict resolution, and more. Hogsett believes these programs are reducing gun violence in the city as the overall homicide rate is down from 2019.

“What we have in place is set to work and will work over time. The programs we’ve implemented are working. We just need to scale them to a higher degree.”

Tony Katz says instead of continually throwing money at the problem, the city needs to be open about the root of the problem instead of blaming ‘gun violence.’

“The conversation is cultural. What’s leading to the violence? Because people got stabbed over the weekend and nobody is talking about it- and no one uses the words ‘knife violence.’ That’s how I know gun violence is nothing more than an ideological term.”

Katz also notes that just because murder rates are down by 5 from 2019, that doesn’t mean the problem has been solved.

“You’ve had 6 years and you haven’t brought a result.” 

There has now been 151 homicides this year in Indianapolis.