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It is the informed opinion of arrogant and ultra-progressive MSNBC contributor, Donny Deutsch, that Americans who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19 are “idiots” who need “to be told what to do” by their government.

Deutsch, an apparent proponent of the “chase ’em down and inject ’em anyway” practice of medicine that was popularized by cult leader Jim Jones in the late 70s, said Americans “don’t have a choice” when it comes to face mask mandates and required vaccinations for coronavirus.

Yeah. He’s a Deutsch.

“What the frick are you [unvaccinated] people doing?'” Deutsch said during a panel discussion with Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski.

“You’re killing yourself, you’re killing other people,” he raged.

As the Daily Wire reports, “Co-host Mika Brzezinski favorably quoted an op-ed from Bloomberg News, titled ‘The Case for Vaccine Mandates,’ which reads, ‘States should instead be issuing their own vaccine passports, and requiring health-care workers to be vaccinated.'”

“So look,” Deutsch later said in response, “whether it’s a mandated mask, a mandated vaccine is, at this point, there is a percentage of the population that — who cares whether they’re angry or upset about it? There’s 330 million people in this country,” he continued. “We need to protect ourselves. I’m done worrying about what people think. I’m done worrying about, ‘Is there going to be a firestorm?'”

Deutsch continued to rant: “Whether it’s a mandated mask or a mandated vaccine, there’s an idiot percentage of this population that just needs to be told what to do. And guess what? You don’t have a choice. Too bad.”

NBC Universal has been working overtime to scrub this video from the internet.

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Fortunately, we have multiple sources at our disposal, and the full audio of Deutsch’s comments is in the clip below.